A Study of the Patterns of Psychotropic Drug Abuse among At-Risk Youth in Hong Kong: Perceptions Associated with Ketamine Use and Their Construction

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 Dr. LEE King-wa, Prof. LAW Chi-kin and Dr. CHAN Ching-yee
 2011 – 2012
Society and Demographic Transition
Drug Abuse Hong Kong Youth 

To address the following questions:
•  What are the latest patterns of psychotropic drug abuse among at-risk youth in Hong Kong?
•  Is drug use becoming normalized in Hong Kong?
•  What are the perceptions of youth towards the use of ketamine in particular?

The study involved conducting in-depth interviews with high-risk youths referred to the researchers by community partners, and conducting focus group interviews with front-line social workers and police officers.

Funded by
a CUHK direct grant