A Survey on Public Perceptions of Land Supply and Development in Hong Kong

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 Prof. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching, Dr lP Chung-yan, Prof. KWONG Kai-sun, Dr LEE Wai-ying, Prof. NG Kai-hon, Prof. NG Mee-kam, Prof. NG Sai-leung, and Prof. SUNG Yun-wing
Economics and Business Development
Hong Kong Land Development 

To study public perceptions of land supply and development in Hong Kong with respect to the following aspects:
• ways of increasing the supply of land
• the level of acceptance of the impact of increasing the supply of land
• the principles used in land development
• To understand the public’s views on the Northeast New Territories New Area Development Plan

A telephone survey was conducted between 25 March and 3 April 2013; three newspaper articles were published, and a press conference was held on 17 June 2013 at CUHK.

A press release (here) was published online.

Photo by Wpcpey. CC BY-SA 4.0