An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Subjective Societal Experiences and Changing Patterns of Narcotic Abuse among Adolescents in Hong Kong

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 Dr. LEE King-wa, Prof. LAW Chi-kin, and Dr. CHAN Ching-yee
 2010 – 2011
Society and Demographic Transition
Adolescents Drug Abuse Hong Kong 

To address the following three points on adolescent drug abusers in Hong Kong:
• changing reasons for taking drugs
• the relationship between drugs and crime
• displacement

The study involved in-depth interviews conducted with high-risk adolescents referred to the researchers by community partners (e.g., St. James’ Settlement) and attempted to relate their boredom/depression/anxiety, curiosity, or perception of peer influence to their ongoing subjective societal experiences.

Funded by
a CUHK direct grant