Changes in Factors Contributing to the Co-residence of Adult Children with Their Elderly Parents in Hong Kong from 1981-2006 and Their Impact on Policies on Elderly Care

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 Prof. LAW Chi-kin
 2010 – 2011
Society and Demographic Transition
Co-residence Elderly Hong Kong 

• To re-examine the potential contribution to elderly care of the co-residence of elderly people and their adult children

“Four generations under one roof” has traditionally been regarded as a sign of felicity for the elderly, as family members are supposed to take good care of their elders. Intergenerational co-residence has been emphasized in the government’s policy on elderly care in Hong Kong.

The study investigated patterns of transition in co-residence between adult children and their elderly parents, to explore the relationship between changes in socio-demographic factors and living arrangements by analysing the sampled datasets of population censuses and by-censuses from 1981 to 2006.

Funded by
a CUHK direct grant