Chinese Family Businesses: Continuity and Sustainability

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 Dr. Victor ZHENG Wan-tai and Prof. WONG Siu-lun
 2011 – 2014
Economics and Business Development
Chinese Family Businesses Cotton-spinners Hong Kong Shanghai 

• To study three generations of Shanghai cotton-spinners in Hong Kong to better understand the issue of business continuity and sustainability
• To stimulate discussion and facilitate understanding of the following issues:
(1) How the Shanghai cotton-spinners perceived business challenges and the measures that they took to handle such challenges;
(2) How they mobilized different institutional set-ups to ensure business dynamism, control, and sustainability;
(3) The ways in which intergenerational succession affected leadership, corporate governance, and integrated family/business developmental strategies in a global economic hub like Hong Kong.

A multidisciplinary approach was employed to decipher the relationships among entrepreneurship, succession, and transnationalism, with a special focus on the issues of continuity and sustainability.

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