Impact of Social Mobility on the Political Attitudes and Behaviours of Young People: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao

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 CUHK team: Dr. Victor ZHENG Wan-tai, Prof. Stephen CHIU Wing-kai, Ms. WAN Po-san, and Dr Kevin WONG Tze-wai
 2015 – 2017
Society and Demographic Transition
Hong Kong Macao Political Participation Social Attitudes Social Mobility Taiwan 

In 2014, large-scale student-led social movements erupted first in Taiwan, then spread to Macao and Hong Kong. These social movements displayed certain similarities: a strong dissatisfaction with the government’s performance, combined with a pro-democracy sentiment and deep anxiety about the increasing impact of mainland China on the local societies. Although there have been many studies analysing youth problems and the socio-political participation of young people in the three societies, there has been little focus on the 2014 student-led social movements.

Research team
CUHK team: Dr. Victor ZHENG Wan-tai, Prof. Stephen CHIU Wing-kai, Ms. WAN Po-san, and Dr. Kevin WONG Tze-wai
Macao team: Prof. Eilo YU Wing-yat
Taiwan team: Prof. Michael HSIAO Hsin-huang

A series of territory-wide representative telephone polls and 60 in-depth interviews were conducted concurrently in the three societies. The data was used to build quantitative and qualitative databases for in-depth comparative analyses.

Related Publications
A report (here) was submitted to the Central Policy Unit in November 2016.

Funded by
the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme of the Central Policy Unit, the Government of the HKSAR