The Fifth Phase of the Study on the Quality of Life in Macao 2009

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 CUHK team: Prof. Timothy WONG Ka-ying (coordinator), Prof. CHAN Ying-keung, Ms. WAN Po-san and Prof. WONG Chack-kie
 2009 – 2010
Society and Demographic Transition
Macao Quality of Life 

•  To develop a longitudinal evaluation of the quality of life in Macao
• To evaluate the social development of Macao
• To provide evidence-based policy recommendations

A territory-wide household survey was conducted in February – April 2009, with focuses on urban planning, social classes and employment.
Two focus group interviews with single-parent families and young people were carried out.

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The final report was submitted in August 2009.

Conducted in collaboration with
the Centre of Asian Studies of The University of Hong Kong