The Fourth Phase of the Study on the Quality of Life in Macao 2008

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 CUHK team: Prof. Timothy WONG Ka-ying (coordinator), Prof. CHAN Ying-keung, Ms. WAN Po-san, and Prof. YEUNG Yue-man
Society and Demographic Transition
Macao Quality of Life 

• To develop a longitudinal evaluation of the quality of life in Macao
• To evaluate the social development of Macao
• To provide evidence-based policy recommendations

Five telephone opinion surveys, which focused on family, the mass media, sociopolitical participation, quality of life, and work, respectively, were conducted in May–July 2008.
Five focus group interviews with elderly people, single-parent families, new immigrants, low-income families, and gambling addicts, respectively, were carried out in May and June 2008.

Related Publications
Five telephone survey reports and a final report were submitted in August 2008.

Conducted in collaboration with
the Centre of Asian Studies of the University of Hong Kong

Photo: Largo do Senado by Netsonfong. CC BY 2.0