The Seventh Phase of the Study on the Quality of Life in Macao 2011

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 Hong Kong team: Prof. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching (coordinator), Prof. WONG Siu-lun (coordinator), Ms. WAN Po-san, Dr. Victor ZHENG Wan-tai, Prof. MOK Ka-ho, Prof. WONG Chack-kie, and Prof. LAW Wing-kin
 2011 – 2014
Society and Demographic Transition
Macao Quality of Life 

• To develop a longitudinal evaluation of the quality of life in Macao
• To evaluate the social development of Macao
• To provide evidence-based policy recommendations

A telephone opinion survey on quality of life was conducted.
In-depth interviews and closed-door policy forums focusing on the above topics were held with socioeconomic and political leaders, government officials, and academics.

Related Publications
Six policy briefs were prepared on industrial diversification, regional collaboration, democratic development and governance, civic associations and civil society, education, and social security. The final report was submitted in 2012. A book entitled Constructing the Future of Macao (《構建澳門未來》) (details here) was published in 2014.