The Sixth Phase of the Study on the Quality of Life in Macao 2010

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 CUHK team: Prof. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching (coordinator), Ms. WAN Po-san, Prof. WONG Chack-kie, Prof. Timothy WONG Ka-ying
 2010 – 2011
Society and Demographic Transition
Macao Quality of Life 

• To develop a longitudinal evaluation of the quality of life in Macao
• To evaluate the social development of Macao
• To provide evidence-based policy recommendations

Five telephone opinion surveys were conducted in June and July 2010, focusing on government policies and governance, income disparities, regional cooperation and cross-boundary interaction, young people’s attitudes towards study and employment, and quality of life, respectively. Eight focus group interviews were conducted with the new immigrants and frequent travellers to Hong Kong and the Mainland China.

Related Publications
The final report was submitted in November 2010. A book titled The New Face of Macao SAR: Ten Years of Development and Changes (《澳門特區新貌:十年發展與變化》) (details here) was published in September 2011.

Conducted in collaboration with
the Centre of Asian Studies of The University of Hong Kong

Photo: Macau Sky Tower and Ponte de Sai Van by Arif Budiman. CC BY NC-ND 2.0