Voting Behaviour in the 2015 District Council Election

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 Prof. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching, Ms. WAN Po-san, and Dr. Victor ZHENG Wan-tai
 2015 – 2019
Politics and Institutional Change
District Council Election Hong Kong 

Following the Occupy/Umbrella Movement in 2014, many pro-democracy political organizations were formed by young people. These organizations, known as the “umbrella soldiers”, won about 4% of the votes and six seats in the District Council during the fifth District Council ordinary election held on 22 November 2015.

To study the following aspects:
• the patterns of voting and non-voting behaviour
• the different orientations among the electorate in their choice of candidates
• the impact of the rise of the “umbrella soldiers”
• the voting behaviour of young people after the Occupy/Umbrella Movement

Four territory-wide telephone opinion surveys were conducted before and after the election.

Related Publications
A book titled 2015 Hong Kong District Council Election: opinion polls and analysis (《2015香港區議會選舉:民意調查與分析》) (details here) was published in 2019.