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The Centre for Social and Political Development Studies (CSPDS, 社會與政治發展研究中心) was established in January 2008 under the auspices of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies.

The aims of the CSPDS are to explore and summarize experiences and lessons from the practice of “one country, two systems”; to generate scientific and applied theories and formulate relevant policies for the reference of stakeholders from different sectors of society; and to stimulate research on local social and political transformations.

In 2010, the Social Indicators and Social Development of Hong Kong Programme was reorganized and placed under the patronage of the CSPDS. The Programme focuses on measuring and studying social developments in Hong Kong. Its prime purpose is to build a comprehensive system of social indicators for Hong Kong consisting of a set of longitudinal data on the subjective and objective dimensions of social conditions and social changes in the territory. Such data will contribute to evaluations and formulations of public policies as well as to analyses of patterns of social change and explorations of social issues and problems.

Strategic Research Areas

  • Culture and Social History
  • Economics and Business Development
  • Globalization and Multilateral Interaction
  • Politics and Social Change
  • Society and Demographic Transition

Academic Connections and Exchanges

The CSPDS endeavours to facilitate and develop academic exchanges and cooperation with different universities and institutions. It aims to promote inter-disciplinary as well as cross-regional connections and exchanges. Apart from cooperating with local universities, the Centre also conducts comparative research projects with non-local organizations, such as Tsinghua University in Beijing and the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. The Centre also accepts commissions from the government and other organizations to conduct policy studies with scholars and experts from specific fields. Over the years, the research staff of the Centre have participated in research projects sponsored by the University Grants Committee, the Central Policy Unit, the Macau Foundation, and the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. The research findings have been presented in local, mainland, and overseas conferences and exchange activities.

Social Engagement

Apart from publishing academic work, the CSPDS also publishes articles in newspapers and magazines, holds press conferences, and welcomes interviews from the media in order to disseminate its research findings and participate in public discussions. The Centre aims to increase its social influence through communication and exchanges of views, in order to deepen the public’s understanding of various issues and to come up with a blueprint for the sustainable development of society.