Director’s Welcome

Director’s Welcome

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The Centre for Social and Political Development Studies (CSPDS) is a centre of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (HKIAPS), serving as it does as an academic platform for scholarly research and public engagement on social and political issues.

The Centre is committed to pursuing academic quality, and aspires to change the situation of polarized arguments into inclusive conversations and informed decision-making. Besides conducting public opinion surveys, statistical analyses and historical reviews, the Centre regularly hosts conferences, public lectures, and seminars to facilitate transfers of knowledge for the benefit of the academic community and society at large.

The Centre’s research is inter-disciplinary, rigorous, and well-supported. The Centre benefits from academics with diverse areas of expertise in psychology, sociology, political science, public policy, social work, communications, history, business, and statistics. In addition, our staff provide dedicated support for research projects.

On behalf of our Centre, we are delighted to welcome you here. We look forward to more profound research collaborations and dialogues with the broad community in the future.

Victor ZHENG
Centre for Social and Political Development Studies
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
The Chinese University of Hong Kong