Voting Behaviour in the 2012 Legislative Council Election

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 Prof. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching, Ms. WAN Po-san, and Dr. Victor ZHENG Wan-tai
 2012 – 2016
Politics and Institutional Change
Hong Kong Legislative Council Election 

The fifth Legislative Council election of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was held on 9 September 2012. In accordance with the 2007 decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the half-and-half ratio between members returned by functional constituencies and geographical constituencies remained unchanged for the 2012 Legislative Council election. However, the new DCFC election method was implemented to return five additional seats. The DCFC candidates were elected by all registered voters except those already entitled to vote in other functional constituencies.

Based on a consideration of the specific political-institutional context within which the election was held, a total of four territory-wide telephone opinion surveys on political orientations and voting behaviour were conducted before and after the election.

Related Publications
Seventeen newspaper articles were published and a book titled 2012 Hong Kong Legislative Council Election: Opinion Polls and Analysis (《2012香港立法會選舉:民意調查與分析》) (details here) was published in 2016.